Thursday, March 10, 2011

A revolutionary art!

I’d like the art to revolutionary the actual entertainment mentality and market. I’d like an artistic gallery to be an oasis for the soul. I want a strong art, visible by its depth. If somebody decides to die but before doing it he visits an artistic gallery, I want him to change his mind, being moved by a piece of art. I want art to give answers to fundamental existential questions like, where is the inner peace, which is the sense of the life. I want an art that cares of people’s soul and to be present in their lives.

I apologize for my non commercial statement, but I still hope for a less corrupted and cold art in the future.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


To dare to dream it hurts of death but, to live without dreaming is dying.

One needs to give his best for his dreams because dreams are forever but a body is just for a life.

Friday, January 28, 2011

I was born an artist.

I was born an artist and I will die an artist. I can never think or behave like other humans because I am different.

I search for the truth. I feel that the essence is in simplicity, in life itself. The presence of the inner anxiety is the proof of the life. The whole existence on Earth is a permanent contradiction betwen good and bad, right and wrong. The mortals have a fascination for things. Life is not a thing!

I live in such an up side down Third World! The humans eat meat. There are more ways of eating a human. This is the existence on Earth!

FAME = empty - the garbage is collected every day at 5 A.M

If I browse the great sites of the great contemporary artists most of all I see just great art. Their artistic message is so great that I only can think great things about their great art. This art is even greater thinking the effort one needs to make to think at least with 2% of their brain, because the ecuation functions with spell and acting, a truly magician job! Make a trick, press a button, turn fantasy into reality, change your painting into a rubbish bin, hang on the walls your dirty mistery: sex, drogs, shit! Very few people have such talents and these are the famous artists.They put so much passion, so much energy that a mortal needs to prostituate 3 lives to enter the network.

Excuse me for not having the right diploma to be allowed to think!

There are two parties: the ones with diploma and the others without diploma. Both parties despite each others. Both parties are hermetic.
Who needs thousands of pages when a brilliant mind can make the resume in one page?
What's the use of so many protocols in achieving diplomas if in the end you are useless for the system and they ask you a permanent re qualification as if the human's memory gets better with the age?
History often proved that a system can be wrong. They destroy the humanity ... then, they apologize. Why shall I trust the system? Who can assure me this one is right?

What an artist is?

Nowadays everybody is artist: the chairs maker, the trees cutter and even the plagiarist. The sanctified throne is for the artist that is corrupted. Just by chance, the best places in a society are for the ones that buy or sell something. It doesn´t matter the damage, you can sell your mind, but this is not a good business. One's mind values nothing comparing with one's sexual organs! The corrupted tangs can open fabulous doors; I let you think how the tangs should be used: to articulate words or....These are our present heroes, just those that can buy or sell, they are our precious models to follow! Stop seating in front of TV, stand up and sell your body or mind, buy your position...let yourself corrupted!

”To think means to compromise you!”

After graduation I understood that good educated people are the most vulnerable “insects” in this jungle called, society. Not by chance my entire creation is influenced by Heidegger thought: ”To think means to compromise you!”

One needs to prostitute not only his mind but also his body to be called civilised. Is this the natural process to know the complexity of the existence?

The slang can be a usefully tool to connect different parts of any society or just to irony the false “heroes”. The irony is my favourite brush, just perfect to shape this world, lost in rosaries for the nullity. Even though, I have no doubt: the cold minds function with batteries while the wise ones use the inner energy. You must wonder if this is the up side down world I ridicules in my short films, with impostors and fictitious values. I guess somebody should speak about life drama... somebody should remind to people they are mortals and films end in any moment!

I always considered that each garden has its own rotten vegetables but the gardener is the one who observes his vegetables. I am a Romanian ”gardener” so, I talk most of all about the Romanian vegetables. I guess I should feel ashamed to be Romanian, admitting it just in my mind. Nowadays, even a leaf movement became suspicious.

Any way, as I was saying I am talking about Romanian vegetables and I am a gardener not an artist. It’s too humiliating to consider myself an artist because nowadays everybody is artist: the monkey, the butcher, the Barbie woman, the baby that plays with his fingers in the morning jam...

My job is to observe the rotten vegetables and find out where is the problem. I can’t pretend that my garden is fine. It’s damn sick, that’s why I make films to diagnose my vegetables. I never hurry! I take the right time to observe them, how they grow, how they react in sun light, rain, mug or wind. Being a gardener is more than a passion for me; it is the pulse of my life.

As gardener I refuse to rapport to market requests. If the buyers prefer more the tomatoes then the onions, I don’t neglect the onions. If they ask a special size or form I must inform them that always the natural is better then the artificial

As more as human studies, understands that he must stop his agony by turning his back to wrong rules. This is a hard decision that supposes courage and most of all the power to be honest with you but, like this the wise human won’t waste his life being a sheep. Awoken, damn awoken, that is the right attitude in front of a decayed society! The wise man must walk against the current, with closed eyes till he reaches his self and finds the holy inner peace.

In my films I cut... I cut pieces from my soul. After this, I stick them in a book, my video book. Once this book is opened it can be seen my own relation with the whole, the society, and the system. I try to relate me with the background I live in. The system built by people for their needs became a background than a whole where the infinite number of the particles, the humans, supposed to come and go. I observe and criticise the system that generates cold relations between people, a system that forced me to deny my true human nature to make me behave against my real self.
I watch my body and I try to understand my human mind. I see how my mind turns off in a too weak body to oppose enough.... Even though I won`t quit on fighting with the absurd of the civilisied existence; Yes, indeed, we are civilisied but, cold like ice, harsh like stones, closed like a circle. Is this the wisdom of the present and future?
I spend time to find out answers because my art is hungered for truth and authenticity. It’s a mixture of experimental, social, political, economical, a crucible where my image is reflected, searching for a meaning, a self understanding and a true and genuine position. I believe I represent a category of people and I must speak up for them.
My video fragments are a sensible stop in this speeded world, to notice how me and you, we lose ourselves in this foreign world.
Why Romanian system should be important to be noticed? Because each tinny thing is important to be noticed, because each human, each particle counts for the whole because all of them connects to each other. All these dots create the logic of the life, of the existence and the simple fault of one of these generates real dysfunctions of the whole.
My work is sensible, vulnerable, but severe in the same time. The sound is the answer of the image, and vice versa. Every word in my scripts is very well thought and enters the stage right in a specific moment. I use a controlled spontaneity and I don’t underestimate the true qualities of the Universe creation: wisdom, purity, and precision that brings outside the entire beauty of the humans and things.
What really matters to me is to give freshness to my video book, surprising the right story; the right detail in the right movement, angle and light while is playing the right sound. Just a sensible soul and a restless mind can feel the right second that separates the finite to infinite.
My visual language tries to build a personal version of my contemporary life, for all that is contemporary to me without despising the past. Personalizing the art is my signature. I want to sign sincerely, with a strong propose and always with self confidence.